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Our work is diversified among many regions and families. When you choose Morocco Explored, you'll be supporting our many Moroccan partners. Besides our own English (and French and Spanish) speaking drivers, when needed, we partner with other insured agencies, guides and drivers. This is enforced by Moroccan laws and we are dedicated to provide the best travel experience to our explorers. Transportation is by late model vehicles or mini bus for larger groups.
Established in 2003, Morocco Explored is a specialised tour operator with fully insured, registered vehicles and drivers under Moroccan law. Our private and custom made (bespoke) tours are designed to combine cultural immersion, experience and fun, while allowing your tour to evolve as you wish. We offer mid-priced small group holidays as an alternative to cookie cutter package tours, and create unique experiences less traveled by most Morocco visitors.

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Hammou Mgoun
Hammou is our premier driver and much appreciated guide and guest house owner. In 2008 we found him working in the dunes of Merzouga, saw his charm and we're keeping him.
Essalah Chabaoui
Essalah is our tour manager and his infective good humour and energy loves to meet new people, talk about everything, and travel. He visited Canada in 2009 and the USA in 2011 and wants to travel the world.
is one of our camel trek guides in the Erg Chebbi dunes who has helped many explorers overcome the camel hump to ride happily into the sunset of the Sahara and return to rave about it.

Robbin Yager
came to Morocco two weeks after 9/11 in 2001 and stayed for 3 months. After organising yoga retreats, she folded her design business in Canada, returned to live in Marrakech and founded Morocco Explored.

Abd Rahman

Miloud Aboussaid
Hicham Moulay
Mohamed Nasraoui