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Tours can start any day from Marrakech or Fes. Our nomad camp is a fantastic desert experience, far from the crowds in Merzouga. Drive across the High Atlas mountains to Ait Benhaddou world heritage site, Dades valley and Todra gorge. In the sands of the Erg Chebbi ride into camp at sunset where dinner will be served. Climb the huge dunes and watch the moon rise before retiring to your bed. Or sleep out under the desert stars. Our camp is in a very safe roadless region.

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Desert Trip Itineraries

Fes to Marrakech

Marrakech to Fez

Marrakech to Marrakech

New Years Desert Party


4* Desert Camp Options
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What's Included?

All desert tours include many must-see sites like Ait Benhaddou UNESCO world heritage site and Dades valley and Todra gorge. You'll have time on 4 days or longer to explore many places like rural markets, fossil beds, small museums and walk with a Berber guide in Todra palmery.

• private transport

• experienced driver/guide

• ensuite hotel rooms with air conditioning/heating

• breakfasts and dinners - vegetarians welcome

• swim stops (April to September)

• off road excursions (4 days or longer)

• exploration of oasis palmeries and kasbahs, fossil beds, markets and medinas

• camel trekking to overnight in desert camp


playing in Erg Chebbi


Where is Morocco Explored Camel Trek Camp?

Our desert camps are far from the crowds in Merzouga, located in the scenic south Erg Chebbi dunes. It is about one and a half hours ride from the desert hotel (where the treks start) to a camp that consists of a circle of nomad tents each sleeping 2 people on each side. They are very rarely full except for high seasons of April, October and December over Christmas and New Years. Camps are equipped with carpets, foam mattresses, wool blankets, freshly washed cotton sheets and pillows, also has solar lighting and toilets, and carpeting around the fire pit.

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Is it Safe in Moroccos Sahara Desert?

We are often asked if it's safe to travel into the Sahara and the answer is Yes! Read more at FAQs. For many the desert is the absolute highlight of their trip. You'll transport into the Erg Chebbi sand sea as well as many varied and incredible places along the way.

The Erg Chebbi dunes at Merzouga are the highest in Morocco and climbing them is an exhilarating experience - just remember to always bring a bottle of water. You can walk or ride a camel to the dunes and enjoy the ever-changing colours of this remarkable landscape, especially at sunset.




What About Scorpions and Snakes?

Unless you enjoy rummaging around river bottoms and high grass you'll probably never see a black cobra in Morocco except in the square in Marrakech. Scorpions by nature are nocturnal and hibernate during winter months. They avoid the hot sun and you'll have to go hunting to find them. Snakes and scorpions don't want anything to do with humans, meaning they'll prefer to run away or hide if given a chance.


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What Vehicles Does Morocco Explored Use?

We use vehicles like Toyota Land Cruisers and Prados or similar. SUV 4x4's have lots of room for luggage, and seat 4 people quite comfortably. All are within 4 years old and are routinely required to update licensing and service checks through Transport Touristic in Morocco. Read more at FAQ's.


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Who Are the Drivers and Guides?

All certified guides must complete a two year Government training course and carry a badge that qualifies them as a professional guide. In some locations only local guides are allowed to work. Our vehicles and drivers are assigned on the basis of who is available when and where. Vehicles and drivers originate from Marrakech and if you are staying in any location for an overnight the car and driver will stay as well. Your driver will stay at the desert hotel while you are on the overnight camel trek.

Camel trek guides are local young men working to support their families. They are highly regarded by our explorers and we have great reviews about our guides on the Morocco Explored TripAdvisor page. Read more at Who Are We?


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Who Can Ride a Camel?

The camel trek isn't hard, almost anyone of any age can ride a camel. Getting on is easy if you can swing a leg over the kneeling camel. Our camel guides make sure everyone is comfortable and feeling safe. On trek you can ask the guide to stop anytime. You can also walk into the camp. It's about 1.5 hours journey with the camels and guide.


Can I Drive Into the Camp?

Those whose dream is to wander the desert like a nomad and sleep under the stars deep in the dunes will want to experience a camel trek. Those who want to enjoy the tranquillity of the Sahara without travelling by camel can arrange to have your driver take you to the camp. The camp is about a 35 minute drive over the sands in the vehicle. A camel trek will take 1 hour. We highly recommend the camel trek experience.


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Is it Hot in Moroccos Desert?

Summer thunderstorms can be spectacular and mud rain makes a memorable experience. Daytime in the dunes can be extremely hot but you will not be in the dunes until sunset when temperatures begin to cool off nicely. Summer nights in the dunes are fantastic sleeping under the stars.

We use air conditioned vehicles to keep you comfortable but please remember to drink water often. Fruit juice, coffee or tea are not considered proper rehydration fluids.

In winter because sand does not hold heat, the dunes can be very cold at night but still have pleasantly sunny day times. Come in spring or fall shoulder seasons to avoid the deserts hot or cold temperatures, although these are also high seasons.


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What to Wear on Camel Trek

A long cotton scarf to wrap around your head is recommended if sand is blowing, you can buy one for about 50-100 dirhams (depending on size) if needed. They’re great for keeping sand out of your hair, nose and eyes. Longer pants are most comfortable on camels. It can also be cold in the desert at night November to April, so bring warm clothing for this time; sweater and jacket, hat and gloves. Walking shoes with socks are best, sandals will fill with sand and irritate your skin. Winter nights (December, January and February) you'll need to also wear warm socks, long pants, plus bring a warm coat, hat, and gloves.



What to Bring on a Camel Trek


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Erg Chebbi Dunes vs Erg Chigaga Dunes

There is a lot to see and do in the desert! The trip routes we use to and from the Erg Chebbi have many opportunities to explore a variety of environments and experiences, and allows time to experience both the High Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. Erg Chigaga dunes are smaller and more remote than the Erg Chebbi and recently a lot of camps have been built along the front dunes there. It takes the better part of a full days drive to go and return, making Erg Chigaga impractical for shorter tours of 3 to 4 days if you want to go to or from Fes. We prefer you to not be in the car all day driving. Erg Chebbi big red dunes are well paced along your route to Fes or Marrakech, Todra Gorge, Dades Valley and Ait Benhaddou, valley of 1000 kasbahs and many more highlights of Moroccos Sahara.



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"Best guide in Morocco"

My husband and I recently undertook a 5 day trip from Morocco Explored (Fes - Sahara Erg Chebbi dunes - Dades Gorge - Todra Gorge - Fes) and we would recommend Morocco Explored as a solidly reliable and good value tour company with excellent customer service. They have an office in Marrakesh and one in Canada, so there is someone on the ground in Morocco as well as abroad, and you receive very good Canadian customer service and it was no trouble for us to book from England.

It was abundantly clear to us that the primary reason we had such a good trip was because our guide stood apart as an excellent guide and driver. He is also, and take note if you are going outside of the cities, an extremely accomplished and safe driver... he's brilliant at off-roading (Morocco Explored have a Toyota Land Cruiser and it is good condition with A/C). He even cooked for us and he can play the drums and cut up a melon into perfect 1-inch squares and he speaks several languages practically self-taught.

The hotels in which we stayed through Morocco Explored were honest and good value; the food was very good and the rooms had A/C if we wanted it.

We travelled in mid-June and possibly because it's quite hot in June and possibly because of turmoil across the Middle East there weren't many tourists and this very much enhanced the experience. We had no hassle outside of Fes and not nearly as much as we had expected within it.