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We've gathered samples of mountain and desert tours (as opposed to going from city to city) that can start any day from Casablanca, Fes, or Marrakech from 3 days or more. The Sahara and the remote High Atlas regions are considered one of the most beautiful, interesting and culturally significant parts of Morocco and warrants taking some time to discover this unique part of the world.

Travel in SUV vehicles capable of navigating off road mountain tracks and dunes. We will create a tour to be as adventurous and independent as you like. You'll stay in small traditional hotels and riads in great locations with good food. Many have swimming pools. These tours also include overnight camel trek into the dunes to stay in a remote tented camp, making it a once in a life time adventure for families with kids of all ages.

Learn more about overnight camel treks and visiting the Sahara desert. Some off road routes are not available for travel during the summer months of June, July and August.



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3, 4, 5 day itineraries >>
From Marrakech or Fes our simple Erg Chebbi desert camp in the dunes offers one of the best desert experiences anywhere, 29km from Merzouga and far from crowds. You'll drive off road across the desert to arrive at the foot of the dunes to meet your camel guides and ride into the camp at sunset. A traditional tagine dinner will be prepared (vegetarians welcome). Climb the dunes and watch the moon rise before retiring to your bed in the nomad wool tent. Or take your mattress and sleep outside under the brilliant desert stars. The big dunes are spectacular and our camp is in a very safe yet roadless region.



saghro routes

6 & 7 day sample itineraries >>
A totally unique tour of beautiful wild Morocco and without question the best way to experience the Sahara desert. You’ll drive off road through the High Atlas mountains to Dades Valley and Tinehir, traverse the remote Anti Atlas Saghro mountains, then head further south to the Erg Chebbi dunes by desert tracks for an overnight camel trek. These tours include spectacular routes visiting gorges, volcanic massifs, remote Berber villages, Nomadic tribes, wild desert, rocky hamada and huge sand dunes. Customize to start or end in Marrakech, Fes or Casablanca.



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4 to 10 day sample itineraries >>
Venture over the High Atlas mountains south from Marrakech to the Atlantic coast at Essaouira and the Cap Rhir beach surfing colonies. Further along these tours go east from Agadir through the beautiful Anti Atlas mountains to Tafroute on the edge of the Sahara desert. Remote landscapes, untouched Berber villages, rare wild life, and ancient rock carvings are only a small part of this delightful unique and mostly still undiscovered part of Morocco.


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Morocco Explored delivered even more than we expected. There are so many tour options in Morocco that it is hard to distinguish. From our first contact we had confidence we had made the right choice in a price range we could afford.

The tour was a great experience. Our driver was friendly, funny, generous, considerate and in short made the tour a success and fun. The Land Cruiser was comfortable as we settled in for the first day of our five day trip from Fes to Marrakech. The first hotel had the dunes of the desert at its feet and the swimming pool was a welcome way to unwind. The camel trek was a wonderful experience. The guide was friendly and helpful and the camel ride to the Berber desert camp great fun. Looking up from the simple tagine dinner our guides prepared, I was reminded just how many stars are in the heavens.

Traveling through Morocco with Morocco Explored allowed us to get out of the pampered environment to see the country and to meet and talk to Morrocans. We highly recommend Morocco Explored.
















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